Our Story

Hello everyone,

I'm Kandace, the proud owner of Kandy Golf, along with my husband Craig, we are a small home-based business located in Dartmouth, NS, Canada. Our story began in November 2019 when, working a minimum wage job and caddying for Craig, I found myself frustrated by the lack of affordable and stylish golf apparel for women, especially those of us on the shorter side. Driven by this frustration, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Creating my logo, "Kandy Golf", and embroidering it onto generic polos and hats, I started wearing my designs while caddying. This sparked the question, "What is Kandy Golf?" and gave me the opportunity to share my story. The positive responses encouraged me to turn my passion into a business. Using my savings, I incorporated the company, and today, as just two golf enthusiasts, Kandy Golf has grown into a global brand.

Our focus is on providing comfortable, unique, and fun golf apparel that not only looks good but also performs well on the course. We rely on social media for advertising and reinvest all profits into manufacturing, shipping, and covering essential expenses. Our mission is simple – to keep prices low while delivering high-quality golf wear.

Looking ahead, our goal is to expand Kandy Golf in the Southern States, aiming for a steady income year-round. Almost all of our profit goes back into the business with leaving just enough to cover our everyday expenses. Golf directors, managers, and pro shop owners are invited to reach out, as we offer wholesale pricing to authorized retailers. Let's grow together!

Explore our unique high quality products at www.kandygolf.com, and if our story resonates with you, support our mission. Help us grow by sharing our narrative and spreading the love for Kandy Golf.

Thank you for your time and support!

Best, Kandace & Craig. ⛳️❤️⛳️❤️⛳️