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We are a small home-based business located in Dartmouth, NS
Canada and have been in business since November 2019. At the time I was working
at a minimum wage job and was caddying for my husband just getting into golf
myself. I would go into the local sporting good stores and pro shops just to
get frustrated at the high prices and walk back out. I found there was not
enough selection of fun colors and prints and the women’s designs were targeted
towards the taller woman, nothing for us shorter ladies. This is when I decided
to design my own logo and embroider it onto a few generic polos and hats. I
started wearing my new logo Kandy Golf while caddying which would spark
the conversation “What is Kandy Golf?” I would then tell my story.
“You should market that, Love the logo, it’s Fun!”
So I invested my
savings, incorporated my company, and here we are, just two golfers who decided
to create the most comfortable golf apparel on the market that is super fun and
gives you that LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, PLAY GOOD attitude! We just wanted
to create a fun golf apparel brand that performs as well as it looks!
Social media is our only advertising, we don't take an income from our company,
all profits we make go towards manufacturing and shipping costs and paying the
bills. Our mission is to do our best to keep our prices low while providing
high quality golf wear as good or better than the bigger brands.


Thank you!

Kandace & Craig.

Make Your Game SWEET!