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Once you have decided on all the wonderful items in your cart. Please proceed to the checkout page. Here you will fill in the blank fields, select payment option, Paypal, Google Pay, or Credit Card (we accept all major credit cards and Debit Visa) and enter your address, be sure to double check that  everything is entered correctly. Then proceed to choose Pick-up or delivery. Enter your shipping address and choose the best rate that applies to your needs. If you need help with checking out please send us an email and we will be happy to send detailed instructions on how to proceed through the checkout. (You will be charged in your currency depending on country).

PLEASE NOTE: Billing address HAS to match the Credit Card mailing address or it will be declined and flagged as fraudulent. Shipping address can be different as long as the other two match up.

Thank you!

Kandace & Craig

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS WHEN YOU SPEND $120.00 CA ( $100.00US) All shipping is calculated at the checkout.