Collection: Women's Apparel

Are you tired of going into stores and trying things on just to get super frustrated with the fit? The dresses are either too long or look like a curtain, with nothing to accentuate the female shape? Are you sick of the high costs for that sleeveless top or skort? Well look no further! My designs are affordable and are created with the average height and build woman in mind. Look good, feel good! Am I right? Here you will find all of our fun colors and prints in our Women's golf apparel for all shapes and sizes, we have something for everyone! All of my designs are built for comfort and performance, high quality and ease of care. Your time is precious and it shouldn't be spent worrying about garment care. All of Kandy Golf apparel is machine washer and dryer safe. 

Please remember to pre - wash all of your Kandy Golf in COLD WATER before wearing. Some garments go through a special dying process to create the bold bright colors. There is a very small chance that excess dye could cause discoloring.

All of our Skorts, Dresses and different styles of women's polos can be found here. If you are having trouble finding an item, please look for it in the SEARCH tab.

Thank you!