Collection: Women's Apparel

Are you tired of the shopping hassle, where nothing seems to fit right or accentuate your shape? Say goodbye to those frustrations! My designs are tailored for the everyday woman, focusing on affordability and a great fit. Feel confident and comfortable without breaking the bank.

Our Women's golf apparel collection features vibrant colors and prints for all shapes and sizes. From skorts to dresses and polos, there's something for everyone. Each design prioritizes comfort, performance, and easy care. No more worrying about laundry intricacies—Kandy Golf apparel is machine washer and dryer safe.

A quick reminder: always pre-wash your Kandy Golf pieces in COLD WATER before wearing, especially those with bold colors. Occasionally, excess dye might cause minimal discoloration.

Explore our range of skorts, dresses, and polos hassle-free using the SEARCH tab if needed. Your time is precious, and our goal is to make your shopping experience smooth and enjoyable. Thank you for choosing Kandy Golf!