Are you done spending countless hours in stores trying on hats trying to find that perfect fit? Tired of the headaches by the end of the day? Well no more, Our hats are designed to fit YOUR HEAD! No more bulky tops!! We have made a promise to ourselves that our hats will feel like they were made JUST FOR YOU!

All of our Kandy Golf hats are a low profile design 100% custom designed and created by us. We spent countless hours working with our manufacturer to create the perfect fitting hat for both men and women. The results are sure to please! These hats can be worn for hours and feel like there's nothing on your head...Yes, I said it....NO MORE HEADACHES from hats! Our hats have a reinforced stabilizer in the front panels to prevent buckling and provide a nice smooth look. Once you put it on you will immediately feel and see the difference compared to the bigger brands on the market. We challenge you to find a better fitting hat with the performance and quality we have put into our brand.